Giant Females crushing objects and tiny shruken men.
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Female Giantess Fetish and Food and Object Crushing Fetish
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Crushing objects in high heels, barefoot food crush.  Barefoot Giantesses, Giantesses in high heels.

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Giantess torments a shruken man, makes the him worship her. Giantess shrinks a woman and steps on her with her bare feet. Giantess sits on her tiny little male slave that she shrunk. Giantess shoves her small male slave into her giant ass. Giant woman stepping on you in her pumps. PV Giantess Crush.
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Floor View of a Giantess's soles through glass. Female Giantess in heels, crushing objects. Giantess in open toe shoes about to crush you. Barefoot Giantess about to crush you with her bare soles. Giantess crushing you with her bare feet making you smell them.
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A video of a woman in sexy high heel shoes squishing and piercing grapes with her stiletto heel! Hot babe crushes grapes in public with her high heel platform shoes.
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Hot babe crushes and squishes tomatoes outside in the park. Crushing and squishing tomatoes and a banana outside with high heel stiletto shoes.
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crushing in high heel shoes

bare feet food crushing barefoot.
This person has only this one set of crush fetish videos in her clips4sale store.  It is a foot and egg crush with bare feet and also in a pair of sexy mules. She crushes olives, cherry tomatoes, raw eggs, hard boiled eggs and more barefoot and in shoes.

300 foot tall Lesbian Giantesses

giantess fetish. two giantesses crush men with feet and eat them.
Stacy and Kylie are 300 ft tall Lesbian Giantesses. Stacy is the most powerful woman in the world which make Kylie the second. People are so small to them that they are the size of raisins. Stacy and Kylie begin by crushing the tiny people with their pantyhose feet in open toe shoes. Stacy commands Kylie to take off her top, they kiss each other from time to time as they crush the tiny people. A lot of the video is from the ground focusing on their feet crushing the tiny people. They both take off their clothes down to their pantyhose and open toe shoes. They begin to eat the tiny people and feed them to each other, in between EATING them, they stopping to kiss each other. Shot on 8mm so the quality is so-so (it was shot in poor light so it occasionally has a focus issue), and the concept is kind of corny, but it's has a HUGE hard-on factor! If you're into Giantess, eating, pantyhose, crushing, and topless lesbian kissing, then this one is totally for you.
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giantess girl feet. feet crushing.
 Law and Order II. Megan the giantess searches for you, when she finds you she brings you to her sister judge Tiffani. You are sentenced to smell Megan's feet, worship her feet and to be crushed under her feet. Megan carry's out her orders. Note: This sequel was shot on miniDV and the quality is triple that of Law and Order I.  Stacy's New Shoes (Crush Version) FULL Mini Video Stacy's New Shoes (Crush Version) FULL Mini Video. Stacy crushes CD's, beer cans and one balloon with her new shoes (The balloon version of this is in our balloon store, click the balloon fetish banner at the bottom of this store) Note: the first few minutes of this video is identical to the balloon version. Total running time 11 minutes 28 seconds. 


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